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Just because you’re a rebel doesn’t mean that you’ll never ever be any good. Quite the opposite is true, as a matter of fact — your unwillingness to take things at face value means that you can see innovations and solutions where others might just go along with the comfortable status quo. Just make sure you’re actually a rebel with a cause, and not just playing devil’s advocate for the heck of it.

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Seeing the light in others helps you to see brilliance within yourself. Other people’s sunny attitudes usually leave you envious for a more positive disposition. Try to emulate a happier temperament.

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It can be tough to access your emotions. There are so many of them. It can be even harder to try and talk about them clearly. If communication is a little scattered now, relax. It’ll smooth out in time.


You’re fine about not spending money on yourself. But when it comes to taking in art or culture, you’re downright greedy. Let yourself be. When it comes to enriching your spirit and your mind, you can’t overdo it.



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