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It doesn’t really matter whether you get what you want when you see so many others who don’t have anything at all. You have a strong urge to be of service today, and there should be no shortage of candidates for your goodwill. You can be a positive force in people’s lives, even the people who don’t know you. Whether you spend your spare time picking up trash in the park, donating your clothing to a shelter, or just donating some money to a worthy cause, you can make a difference.

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You’re the life of the party, so keep it coming. Everyone loves this side of your personality, so don’t get too caught up in the details. If you’re having fun, just have fun. Don’t worry about impressing the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

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Being the best doesn’t mean making your partner feel like the loser. Instead of concentrating on the victory dances, give your honey a chance to shine. There’s enough room in the winner’s circle for both of you.


It offers you riches then turns its back. You may think the market is flirting with you, but get serious, Libra. It’s getting plenty of attention from others. Look for romance elsewhere.



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