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After doing your best to hold a grudge (something you’ve never been any good at) a peaceful wave washes it away, even if a friend did something that feels like absolute treason to you. You’ll wake up feeling compassionate and ready, finally, to accept the apology. Still, while forgiving is a good idea, don’t feel bad if you’re not quite able to forget. It’s called wisdom, and it comes with experience.

Singles Lovescope

You simply don’t have the time or effort for a lot of fluffy dialogue right now. But the heat’s on, and you must leave a marvelous impression. Easy. Give someone a compliment. Not just any compliment, finesse it. Make it real, make it genuine, make it unique. No phony stuff here.

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Follow your instincts and don’t worry about the consequences. Your impulsive act will definitely have an effect on your partner, and it should bring the two of you closer than ever before.


The day starts with a bang, without so much as a stretch and a yawn. Your emotions are following your body’s cue, so force yourself to slow down. Your thoughts, on the other hand, can race to your heart’s content.


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