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People are going to respond a lot better to concrete examples than to ambiguous concepts today, so if you’re trying to make a point or sell an idea, you’ll have to do it with facts and figures set down in black and white. Charts, graphs, even silly cartoons or photos can make all the difference between getting your ideas across and causing confusion. Your audience will be sprinkled with some very influential people. Stay calm and collected if you want to impress.

Singles Lovescope

If you’ve been thinking about doing something a little bit crazy like asking out your new single neighbor, the stars are shining on you today. Go on and take a chance on something!

Couple Lovescope

Once you get a spark lit, you’ll have no problem keeping it glowing strong. Things are heating up for you and your sweetheart, and you can look forward to it staying that way.


Doing something simple, like organizing your checkbook or tidying up your desk, has a bigger impact on your life than a big achievement. The time to take care of seemingly minor things like this is now because a big project will soon be dropped in your lap. You don’t want to start it in a disorganized state.


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