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Slow down today. It’s not wise to exert yourself too much. There may be some tantalizing social invitations, but be very picky about which ones you accept, because a mellow night out could snowball into a foggy morning. You know the usual suspects, so look for familiar patterns. The leopard can’t change its spots. You’re entering a more cautious phase, which will affect your social life more than you initially realize. Rest assured that all upcoming changes are positive ones.

Singles Lovescope

A friend is only too glad to help you with dating ideas! Ask your pal for suggestions on where to find interesting singles that you might click with. Be open to anything and you could be coupled up in no time.

Couple Lovescope

You’re a pro, so why not show your partner how it’s done? Just don’t gloat about your skills. If anything, teach them by example. You’ll lighten your own workload and come off as the good guy in the process.


Money is no object, at least in your mind. The more extravagant your gestures get, the more extravagant you want them to be. Don’t forget that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Curb your impulses, and your budget.


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