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Just as one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch, a bad person can ruin a whole team. So watch out for people who aren’t on board with the group goals today. Staying focused on the greater good isn’t easy for some (selfish) people to do, so you’ll have to help them along. If you don’t, their negative energy could really bring everyone down. Don’ let them force everybody’s momentum downhill. You’re all better than that!

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More than ever, it’s important that you do the right thing. Anything else will feel particularly uncomfortable. Sure, it might be easier to not call back or cancel a date with no explanation, but you know what to do.

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You’re not going to be sure how to deal with the newest problem that arises, but it may just slow you down rather than throw you off the rails entirely. Take your time and get this one right.


Emotional intensity is kicking you from behind. It’s one day early, but it will affect your ability to make the right decisions. Avoid committing your money to anything you are unsure of.


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