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You know quite well just how to make rules, follow them and delegate authority when need be. That goes double for rules that have already been tried out and found to be workable. A good example is “honesty is the best policy,” which you usually find beyond reproach. Still, now and then it’s better to keep things under wraps. This might be one of those times, especially since your energy is working on something deeply private.

Singles Lovescope

Before committing to someone you just met, find out who you’re really dealing with. Do your homework and make sure their story adds up. A little skepticism never hurt, even in love.

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Today finds you feeling reflective about your relationship. Spend time thinking about what makes you happy and what you’d like to make better. Remember that there’s always room for improvement.


Need a pick me up? Give yourself an outrageous bonus. Go ahead, you can afford it, especially if it’s of the verbal variety. Sometimes you need the accolades more than the pay bump.


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