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You’re yearning for something unusual or even odd right now. What appeals to the masses definitely won’t appeal to you! Steer clear of whatever “everyone else” is doing or watching or reading and forge your own path. It’s in your nature to be a free spirit, so indulge that side of your personality and let your freak flag fly!

Singles Lovescope

You’re focused, centered, and driven. No wonder you’re such a success! However, this attitude might need some modification when it comes to your pursuit of life, liberty, and love. Learn to go with the flow.

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Make a special dinner with your partner. Make it a festive occasion with a funny theme if you want. You could even play a few games. Who know where they might lead?


When you’re too moody to get a move on, let your daydreams motivate you. Imagine wild success and all that goes with it. That will be the shot in the arm you need to keep on going, however, slow reaching your goal may really be.


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