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Don’t even think about bowing out on that wonderful adventure a loved one has offered. You know you’ve earned this, and you know you want to go and play, and it’s about time. Why deny yourself? Get out there and have some fun. You can get back to making peace, restoring balance to troubled situations, and negotiating treaties tomorrow. For now, promise to enjoy yourself.

Singles Lovescope

You feel sad when you feel restricted. You need the freedom to do what you want on your own time. If you meet someone who makes you feel caged, walk away. The right person lets you be you.

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The two of you can have a terrific time doing just about anything now. Even doing chores provides plenty of possibilities for funny moments, and working on a project together makes it twice as nice.


The ultimate outcome might not be up to you, but you’ll never win if you’re not even trying. Stay busy today. Tackle everything before you as if it’s your winning ticket.


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