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Have you been losing confidence in your intuitive abilities? Have no fear. All of your faith is about to be restored. You’ll detect some monkey business going on in a situation that everyone else thinks is just peachy. They’ll think you’re paranoid, but you should trust your gut one more time. Speak up and voice your concerns to the group and it will become all too clear that you were right on the money. They’ll eat crow and you’ll feel confident once again.

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Your old approach isn’t working any more. Whether the charm’s worn off or nobody’s paying attention, you’re talking to an disinterested audience. You’d better come up with a new dog-and-pony show if you want to capture anyone’s attention.

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Snails have shells, but so do chocolate-covered ice cream cones. Today, you’ll definitely be more like the latter. That is, someone finds your protective shell delectable.


Popcorn and movies, computers and investing — these are good combinations, and it would be hard to find anyone who disagrees with you. But they’re out there, so listen to the sound of sharpening pencils.


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