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There could be a lot of noise and excitement around you today, but you will be all too happy to stay outside the activity. Your energy will flourish in quieter surroundings, with few (if any) people around you. If you could disappear to a desert island for the day, today would be the one to pick. If you can’t get as much alone time as you’d like, try using music to escape from reality. Climb inside your own little world and you’ll find a new level of contentedness.

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Shake up your usual routine by doing something totally different. Skip your usual quiet night at home by taking a cooking class or going out to a trendy new bistro. You never know who you might run into!

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An impromptu getaway might be out of the question – or is it? Whip up a special meal together – romantic French, sensual Ethiopian, or lively south-of-the-border. It could be like an instant vacation for the two of you.


You’re the chairman of the bored. Your attitude may seem strange to some around you but you know where it comes from. The last thing you ever want to be like is one of your stodgy old relatives, with or without the money.


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