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Do you have blinders on when it comes to a certain person? Making them who you want them to be in your head is a good way to retain positive feelings about them, but are you fooling yourself? Try to be more open-minded about who they really are and you’ll see the entire person, not just the idealized being you’ve created. This will be a good experience, not a disappointing one. Seeing all sides of a person may be a rude awakening from a dream state, but you have to wake up sometime.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve got a great chance to regain your balance today. Take care of your spirit and body and get the basics squared away. You need to be completely available for the upcoming romantic energy!

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Encourage the growth of the intellectual connection you share with your loved one, and have fun at the same time. Pick a book you both want to read, then read it together in bed.


You’re somewhat suspicious of any plan that bypasses the immediate turmoil, and that’s as it should be. Take your time teasing through all the details before investing the farm.


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