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Have you been preparing to bring all your issues to the table? Be careful. If you keep this act up for too long, others might start thinking of you as a one-trick pony. You may want to take some time and figure out other ways of expressing yourself. Broaden your mind in whatever way possible. Be proud of yourself. You’re the ultimate manifestation of the old saying “no guts, no glory.”

Singles Lovescope

You need to be ready to give in today. You don’t have to literally surrender. It’s just that interactions should go more smoothly and reveal more if you’re more compliant.

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Your heartbeat picks up when you think of the one you love. What gives? It’s like you’re thrown back to the first days of your courtship. This time, though, you know the outcome, and it’s a happy one.


You need to keep busy. If there’s not a lot going on, then make something up. You’ll want to be in shape and ready for action the moment money makes a re-appearance.


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