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You’ve got a unique style, and it’s inspiring quite a few followers right now! So many, in fact, that you might think you’re looking into a mirror at some point today when you run into someone who is either dressed just like you or acting just like you. Take this as flattery. You shouldn’t get annoyed or feel threatened by it. They can’t create nearly the type of energy you create when you walk into a room, but won’t it be adorable watching them try?

Singles Lovescope

Allow yourself to take part in earthly pleasures. After all, even your prodigious intellect needs a different kind of energy to balance out. Find joy in the material world. Open up to new definitions of love.

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Lots of ideas and emotions are swirling around in your life right now. If it seems too complicated, wait a few days. You’ll find some clarity by the end of the week.


Financial risks won’t pay off, but risks in other arenas just might. In any event, curbing your desire to try is more trouble than it’s worth. Keep practicing your skills.


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