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Acting spontaneously today could get you into a bit of trouble, so consider yourself warned. Plans are your friends and not to be ignored. They’ll help you stay on task for the day. Clear-mindedness is good. Right now, you need to get a better grip on the forces that are working around you, but you won’t be able to do that if you’re going off doing whatever you feel like doing whenever you feel like doing it. Stick to the plan and don’t deviate from it any more than you have to.

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There’s a fine line between social networking and social climbing or otherwise using people to your own advantage. You’ve got plenty of drive and ambition. Just be careful where you aim it!

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You’re afraid of being cheesy when it comes to expressing romantic sentiments, but don’t let that stop you. Your partner will understand (and appreciate) the feeling behind them. Say what needs to be said.


All the friends in the world couldn’t help you with your problem. Some decisions only you can make. Remind yourself that it’s only about money, not about life or death.


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