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If you feel as if you’ve wandered into a maze, that’s no big surprise considering the mess of crazy, mixed signals and communication knots you have to deal with. Rebuff these overcomplicated forces by making sure you’re well informed, direct, and unfailingly polite, even to those who are simply adding to the chaos. You’re an irresistible force when you set out to make solid plans. Everyone wants to be on your team for good reason!

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If you’re planning on showering them with gifts, slow down. Are they worth the investment? Would they prefer a sweet gesture versus a gaudy bauble? Consider the way you’re selling yourself. Does it attract the right attention?

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Exercising restraint wins you a good measure of self-respect and, incidentally, the further loyalty and admiration of your partner. Now that you know just what you’re made of, your confidence will really soar.


Why do you always have to organize everything? You’re ready to buck your traditional responsibilities where family gatherings are concerned. It might mean pitching in money instead of sweat equity, but that’s fine with you.



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