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You can never get a positive outcome on a project or in a competition if all you do is focus on negative energy. Do your best to put a positive spin on everything and everyone. See the bright side of things and stop dwelling on the bad things that are holding you back. Just pretend that they don’t exist! There is so much hope in your life, and you need to start recognizing it. Tap into your more idealistic side and you’ll do well.

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A relationship could feel a bit strained. Step back for a day or two to give it a little breathing room, and ask yourself it this is what you want. If it isn’t making you happy, it might be time to move on.

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Your relationship doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Create a mood that is lighthearted and playful tonight, and have fun while you’re turning up the heat with your lover.


How many stepping stones have you left behind you? It’s time to start looking over your shoulder and doing some counting. You just may be walking backwards soon.



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