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Today, a surprise announcement could bring up some emotions that you thought you’d moved past long ago, but it looks like you haven’t. Deep down inside, you still have some stuff to work through and that’s okay. This might make you feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s a good thing to finally get the chance to gain closure on something that needs to be left in your past. There is a huge opportunity for growth here, and you should take it!

Singles Lovescope

Plan something informal and fun for your next date. Think of a laid-back activity like miniature golf, bowling, or an amusement park. Channel your inner child. Let the games begin.

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Trying to figure out exactly what makes your relationship work doesn’t bring about any concrete answers, but who cares? The fact is, you and your sweetheart are having a great time asking the questions.


You feel radically changed from the person you were just this past Friday. That puts making money in a whole new perspective. Whatever it is you did over the weekend could earn you a fortune if you could only bottle it.



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