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Here it comes. That woozy, dreamy feeling. You’ve had it before, so you’re perfectly familiar with it. But this? This is over the top. Once you get through the day you’ll be able to devote as much time as you like to sighing and staring out the window. That is, until the object of your affection finally makes their long-awaited appearance and your dreams can become reality.

Singles Lovescope

A systematic approach to romance may seem contradictory, but it’s exactly what your energy demands now. Dating apps can help you identify the ones with potential.

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So your sweetie’s not the best dresser in the world? Instead of criticizing, offer up compliments about what they’re doing right, and (gently!) offer some tips for improvement. Reminding yourself of their good qualities.


One thing leads to another. You can’t always be in control of the outcome, but once you get started you’re bound to accomplish something, one way or another. Make a game out of it and you’re that much more likely to succeed.



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