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There is nothing wrong with letting your hopes get a bit high right now, so go ahead and reach for the stars! Your positive thinking has made things happen in the past, so why would you doubt that they could ever work again? As long as you don’t sign any legal documents, make any big commitments, or invest any money in something that isn’t fully fleshed out yet, there is nothing wrong with keeping yourself in a hopeful state. At the very least, it will keep you in a good mood.

Singles Lovescope

Why be wishy-washy when you can choose your own adventure? When it comes to love, making a move might be better than just drifting along.

Couple Lovescope

Rather than figuring out a strategy, have some fun with what’s going on in this moment. Your partner doesn’t understand what’s gotten into you — but they’re enjoying this new side of your personality.


With all the upheaval around you, you’ll be tempted to lunge for the nearest life raft. But being careful is still sound business policy, so don’t get involved with anything you are unsure of.



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