Daily Forecast Pisces 06-02


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Your daily rituals take on an entirely new meaning now. You enjoy every step you take, even those you’ve taken it a thousand times before. You should also be enjoying each new experience and learning new tricks. This might start out to be a rather routine kind of day, but it certainly doesn’t have to end up that way. The universe is smiling on you!

Singles Lovescope

Transform a boring day by being your flirtatious, charming self. The stars say dazzling them shouldn’t be hard. The kind of energy you generate sets some sweet change into motion.

Couple Lovescope

You’re going to amaze yourself and your partner by getting along famously with that one friend — or relative — of theirs that you ordinarily can’t stand. It may be a long-term shift.


When it comes to your usually conservative spending habits, you are falling off the wagon. You’re on a bit of a bender. It’s not only the amount you’re spending but what you’re spending it on that’s outrageous. Reigning yourself in this time is quite a struggle. It takes radical measures.



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