Daily Forecast Pisces 12-07


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Big surprises are en route, and they’ll be coming to you via your career and the people involved in it. This could mean that the higher-ups you’ve been dealing with have been less than forthcoming, but that seems the least probable scenario. What’s more likely is that someone in a position of authority has been working a bit of magic for you from behind the scenes. Either way, get ready to act.

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When someone upsets you, instead of burying your real emotions to be polite, let them know how you feel. The other person may be unaware of your bruised ego and offend again if you don’t speak up.

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Right when you think you have your significant other figured out, it’s time for another refresher course. This is actually a good thing. You two have endless depths, which means your relationship is never boring.


It’s time to prime the pump. Ironically, that doesn’t involve spending money. It involves helping others. Karma has a way of turning your points into cash for you, so your best investment today is someone else. Doing something for others is like putting money in the bank.



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