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Are you worried about a friend or family member but afraid to say something because you fear they’ll get defensive? Have more faith in them. They’re waiting for someone to reach out to them. So get some quiet time with them and share your concerns. You know that preaching won’t get you anywhere, so just state what you think and ask them what they have to say about it. This is the best way to start a very productive conversation.

Singles Lovescope

A recent dream about marriage and children had some surprising elements. Let those new ideas percolate for a few days. They suggest a new approach to your romantic life. Want to give it a go?

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You’re feeling a lot of stress and it’s perfectly understandable. But instead of turning your stress into an argument with your partner, why not ask for a shoulder massage instead?


Everyone is wary of new schemes. There’s just no convincing anyone that you have what they need. Changing your approach isn’t the issue. Don’t stop short of changing your product.



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