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Your creativity has always been a big part of your intelligence, but never more so than right now. The tasks you’re working through require the kind of smarts that you have in spades! This is a very exciting time for you, full of unique people who are helping you to see things in a new light. There might be a frustrating person in the mix, but while they may rub you the wrong way from time to time, the sensation they leave you with is always positive.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve been wavering long enough. Trust your instincts. It’s a good day to make a decision in or out of love, so take a chance. In the end, no matter what happens your friends are there to catch you.

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You’ll discover something today that you can’t wait to share with your partner. Introducing each other to new things is part of the fun of being in a relationship.


If you’re still deciding if you’re a radical or a conservative, then you’ve already missed the boat. But you can reframe the question in terms that make more sense, at least where your finances are involved. Decide once and for all what kind of investor you want to be.


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