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Take a break from all the activity around you today, and try to find a quiet place to contemplate the things that have been happening. Time spent reflecting on your life is hardly ever time wasted. Things are going to be changing soon, and it’s important for you to understand what you may be leaving behind. Appreciate it while you still have it in your life, because it won’t be there forever. Good things are coming your way and you’re understandably excited, but first you must be grateful.

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Believe it or not, drama does not make a healthy start to a relationship. If you want your connection with this person to get stronger, stick with the day-to-day, and be there when it matters.

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Your strong intuitions could make you the surprise center of attention in your relationship. It’s good to be right, regardless of how you reach your conclusions.


Money has a way of separating your intellect from your emotions. Your brain is telling you to be flexible while your heart is telling you to dig your heels in even further. Your intellect is giving you the better advice. Follow it.



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