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Trust your intuition above all else right now. No matter what else happens, it’s the one thing you can be sure of. After all, has it ever let you down before? So when someone comes along trying to distract you from your purpose or talk you into doing something you really don’t feel right about, refuse. Focus on your goals. You can have it all now, but only if you stay focused!

Singles Lovescope

The secret of good timing? Not pushing matters when they’re all wrong. Use your intuition. Is this person really the right one, or do you just want them to be? Switch your focus and you might open up your possibilities.

Couple Lovescope

You’re extra good at compliments and miscellaneous little ways of making your certain someone feel good right now. While you’re indulging them, let them know they can count on you.


The most important things in life are beneath the surface. If you have the surface issued covered, that is. Don’t let the season knock things out of perspective. Putting a roof over your head is still your first priority.



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