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Your opinions are valid, but you had better not expect everyone to agree with them right now! Give up trying to change anyone’s mind before you even get started today. Everyone is feeling like sticking to their guns instead of opening their minds. Instead, you will make better use of your time if you channel your emotions into a creative pursuit like cooking, singing, or writing. Avoid banging your head against a wall with a bunch of folks who just don’t get it.

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It’s okay to be a little selfish with your time today. You’ve always been there for your pals, but now you need some time for yourself. Put aside any tasks you can do tomorrow and treat yourself. Take a long, uninterrupted bubble bath.

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Why ruin all this romantic momentum with complaints? Keep the tone of the day light and friendly. Put off those big issues for now. You’ll have the chance to air your grievances later.


Your relationship with money is becoming one big power struggle, and you’re losing. You don’t have to bow down to cash; in fact, that won’t get you any further ahead. But do be a little less pompous about it all.



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