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You aren’t really all that interested in hearing anyone else’s opinion about what you feel is your business. You have your own individual style of doing things. Friends and family members might want to put in their two cents or offer you constructive criticism, but you’re in no mood to hear any of it. Politely but firmly decline offers of help. Tomorrow you may feel differently, but right now you have a deep-seated need to do it all on your own. Good luck!

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If you find yourself falling for someone, your need to distinguish between reality and fantasy might consume your thoughts. Don’t assume the worst — or the best — today, as you need to just let things happen.

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The secret to finding the right balance is not taking on too much in the first place. You can’t afford to carry around dead weight if you want to keep making good time.


Tomorrow you can focus on friendship, but only if you can manage to pull in a profit today. You won’t know what to expect until the last minute. All you can do is wait, watch and observe the results of your hard work.



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