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Just because you have a vivid idea of what you want in life doesn’t mean that you’re going to get it any sooner than if you were totally clueless. If you’re wondering when the rest of your life is going to begin, relax! You need to see that every moment is your life, so stop focusing so much on what you want and savor what you have. There is a lot to be grateful for, and you’ll have a wonderful day if you start making a list of all those things. Be happy.

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Generosity is one thing, but being taken advantage of is quite another. Set boundaries around your belongings. Don’t lend money or a prized possession unless you’re willing to never to see it again. Saying no is great for your self-esteem.

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Don’t be too surprised if your sweetheart gets under your skin today — it’s just part of the ebb and flow of relationships. You’re not drifting apart; you just need a little space and time to think.


You have a unique take on your finances. Someone looks impressed with you as they hear all about it, but that’s just a cover for their eagerness to try it out with their own money. There’s plenty to go around, so don’t entertain those pangs of possessiveness.



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