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Even if you’ve got the day off, some aspect of work has followed you home today, and it’s not going to be lightly dismissed. A good part of your mental energy will likely be going toward sorting out aspects of the situation or just worrying about it. Meanwhile, people are wondering where exactly your head is. At a certain point, it might be most fruitful to stop pretending and go ahead and check your email or work on that project for an hour.

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You could feel the weight of the world bearing down today. But remember that you’re surrounded by people who care about you, and they’re happy to be there with support and assistance. Let go of some your troubles by calling up a close friend. They’ll bring you the joy you need.

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There could be a lot going on today, and you may be left feeling overwhelmed. Don’t try to take on too much. Just focus on getting through the day, and look forward to a relaxing evening with your partner.


You’ve finally got a good grip on your spending. Sticking to the game plan involves curbing your impulses. That proved harder than going without the things you’d grown accustomed to. Give yourself a big pat on the back for a difficult achievement, but don’t reward yourself with spending.



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