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Helping others is noble, but sometimes other people’s problems are just not yours to solve. In the end, we all have to take care of ourselves. When someone tries to toss a problem (one that has nothing to do with you) into your lap today, stand up. Let this person pick up the pieces. Keep your head down and mind your own business. Otherwise, you might get dragged into an ugly situation that will leave everyone involved feeling bad.

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Showing a new friend one of your favorite places is a great way to get to know each other better. Having a shared experience will give you plenty to talk about, especially when they share their favorite place with you.

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Your matter-of-fact manner might baffle your partner, but you have many things to do and no time to waste. Tell them what’s going on. That way they won’t misinterpret your manner and have their feelings hurt.


You’re too overwhelmed by your financial situation to want to socialize but you can’t really avoid loved ones. It will do you good to focus on something other than money, anyway. Let yourself enjoy life.



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