Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-16


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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You’re convinced that it’s finally time to bring up the topic you’d been avoiding, that elephant in the room that you and your sweetheart haven’t been able to mention. Here’s your opportunity. Clear your throat and start right back at the beginning. It might be tough to get the show on the road, but just imagine how relieved you’ll both be when it’s all finally been said.

Singles Lovescope

Everyone seems to be going through an energy transformation. You’re in the perfect place to meet lots of new people. Make sure you’re in the middle of it all — you have enough momentum to lead the charge!

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It’s easy to get tangled up about a complicated aspect of your relationship, but loosen those bonds as much as possible. Yes, you should respect each other, but that means being flexible at times.


Use your intensity for good instead of evil. You can be possessive of what’s yours or you can know for a fact that you’ll never lose what’s really important. Don’t waste your deep emotions on frivolous, material things.



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