Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-21


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Today, you’ll be hit with an idea that you are pretty sure is brilliant, but you’re equally sure that the rest of the world is going to think you’re nuts! But so what? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So resist the temptation to censor yourself. Your ego is trying to protect you from getting your feelings hurt, but your pride is ready to risk it. When you announce your new idea, do so with confidence. Don’t ask for people to like it. Assume they will.

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Your usual positive outlook should be excellent right now. If it’s not, make a concerted effort to turn that frown upside down and then watch as all kinds of people return your smile.

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Pick and choose carefully when it comes to the company you and your partner keep. A new friend reacts in a very interesting way to an adverse situation. Pay attention to their reaction and think about your options.


You have mixed feelings about getting ahead, which makes success highly unlikely. Are you really selling your soul for money or is that image just your latest excuse? Being human means accepting that you are less than perfect. The cure for your nagging feeling could be that simple.



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