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Everyone around you is in a foul mood. They’re either angry, depressed, or depressed and angry, so you need to establish some personal boundaries, and quickly. You don’t need to shut the world out entirely, but you’d better think twice before you offer to do anything you can to help. They’ll undoubtedly take you up on it and try to make you feel guilty if you hold anything back. Think of this as a game of chess. Make a good opening move.

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Some may coast along living unexamined lives, but you put yours under the microscope much of the time. Don’t get so stuck in this mode that you forget to put it all in context, though.

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Your adoring public demands an appearance. Oh, come on. Can’t you hear the applause? You and your partner are at your best personally when you mingle with the multitudes right now. Go with it.


Just as every sale has a buyer and a seller, every power struggle has a winner and a loser — unless you’re at a standstill. You’ve locked horns for so long you think you have a pair. It’s time to move on.



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