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Clearing the air is always the best tactic — if not immediately, then in the long run. Consider this now: You need to make a decision about letting a secret see the light of day. That’s not an easy thing for you, because you can usually see both sides of the issue. Plus, you don’t like betraying confidences. Use that keen intuition of yours to make the choice, and above all else, don’t feel guilty if you decide to let the cat out of the bag.

Singles Lovescope

Get down to business and take care of that ongoing problem at home or with your family. You can’t focus on your romantic search while your attention is tied up with other things. A quick solution can open up other doors.

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Chores are a necessary part of life, but sharing those tasks with your partner can make them seem a lot more fun. Make a list of what you need to do and tackle the items together.


It’s the best time to be tolerant, to a point. Don’t let anyone else dictate how much you should or shouldn’t spend. Don’t even get started. When the subject comes up, nip it in the bud.



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