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A friend you don’t always agree with is finally ready to see things your way. It seems that your words are finally hitting home, albeit a little too late. Try not to say “I told you so.” Instead, be supportive of this change of heart. It will take your relationship to a new level, and this will be rewarding for both of you. This friend has taken a big step by admitting this mistake, so you should be the bigger person. Don’t gloat.

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes a poker face is absolutely necessary, especially when it comes to war stories from the dating battlefield. A friend spills their guts, and you’re not sure you can handle the truth. Try not to judge.

Couple Lovescope

It’s a fabulous day for you personally. You’re calm, thorough, and resourceful. Direct your attention exclusively at your partner (even for just a short time) and they’ll feel extremely lucky and grateful.


When it comes to hanging onto what you have left, there’s no such thing as clinging too tightly. Hold on for all you’re worth, to everything from routine to money to relationships.



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