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Loyalty is a crucial component of any friendship, so you need to stand by your friends today when the drama goes down. Accusations are being thrown around, and as far as you know they are not true. If you have to get combative with the accusers, then do so. Just make sure to avoid saying anything that inflames their temper. You’ll only make the situation worse. You can be quite the attack dog when you want to be, and today it’s okay to follow your urge to growl. Just don’t bite.

Singles Lovescope

Little miracles happen every day. You need to know how to recognize them. Just have faith that romance is there, and when you least expect it you’ll see the universe at work.

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Finding a real soul connection with a partner, and maintaining it, isn’t easy, but the rewards are rich. Good relationships take time and attention. These astral energies want to make it happen for you, so use them.


It’s a hard time to be group leader, because everyone is desperate for some reassurance. You may not have any to give, but you do have something valuable to offer. Get creative when others look to you for answers.



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