Daily Forecast Sagittarius 12-05


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The voices in the back of your head are speaking the truth, so listen when they warn you away from someone or something today. From something as minor as deciding which movie to go see, to as major as deciding whether or not to sign legal documents, you need to go with your gut! Make sure that every part of you is comfortable with everything you get involved with right now. Don’t respond to pressure, no matter how strong it is — and no matter who is pressuring you.

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Stay aware of changes in your environment. Lots of new opportunities are coming your way. They don’t come in neat packages, though. You need to do your homework to whip them into shape.

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Today, your intuitive radar is on super high, and you’re diving to the very bottom of the deep, deep sea. What treasures are you going to find there? Bring some back for your partner!


You can’t assert your authority over certain people and you’d gladly trade all your money to do just that. But you can’t buy that kind of relationship with something like money. It has to be earned in a completely different way. Think about it but don’t let it, or those in question, drive you crazy.



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