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Your work life could be the focus of your thoughts today, leading you to question what you’re really doing and where you ought to go from here. But don’t allow yourself to get mired in a quicksand of uncertainty. Take these questions one at a time. Don’t expect yourself to answer all of them right away. Just being aware of such issues might be enough to prepare you to take opportunities as they come.

Singles Lovescope

Tonight, you’re likely to see someone new who talks all about them rather than the other way around, and you might not be certain how you feel about the situation. There’s no need to push. You’ll know soon enough.

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That versatile intellect of yours is processing stuff at double speed, including sticky emotional stuff. Put it to work on whatever major or minor issues there are in your relationship.


You know what they say about love — let it go and if it’s real it will come back to you. The same old saw certainly doesn’t hold true for money. Or does it? If you’ve been clinging too tightly, you may need to find out.



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