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One of your friends could become an authority figure in your life, and you need to establish the ground rules before things get complicated. Make sure that the two of you have a serious and honest conversation about how this whole thing is going to work. You could take a big risk with your relationship if you just assume everything will be okay. Get the rules established and get them in writing if you feel you might need to refer to them in the future. Take this shift seriously.

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An unexpected outburst could lead to a major misunderstanding. Instead of hoping for a widespread bout of amnesia, clear the air right away. Shoot off a message explaining yourself. Or better yet, have a heartfelt face-to-face chat.

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It’s time to pay attention to how you and your partner deal with others, especially if you’ve been working on issues about mutual respect and understanding. These lessons in relating pay off big time.


You may stumble upon someone else’s messy situation and really clean up. That’s not the way you enjoy making a living but as long as you don’t make a habit of it, go ahead and let someone else’s loss be your gain.



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