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You’re finally starting to connect with someone new on a much deeper level. This is the start of something very exciting. Today, you have to do all you can to build on that momentum! Make sure you have at least one conversation with this person just to keep that connection alive and well. An email will do the trick, so don’t worry about trying to track them down on the phone or in person. Just touching base will remind them of your place in their life.

Singles Lovescope

Who are you really dealing with? What’s going on in your head may be a bit different from the way others perceive the situation. Get a second and a third opinion before forging forth.

Couple Lovescope

Following the same path leads to the same destination, and you and your partner have been through that enough. Now it’s time to get rowdy and shake things up. Try something new.


You can spot a schemer a mile away, unless it’s you. Make sure your motives are as pure as the newly driven snow. Anything less pristine will only backfire on you.


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