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When you’re determined to have some totally random fun (that is to say, most days), there’s just no way to move you from your chosen path. That’s even more true when the company you’re in includes someone you’re sure is up for the ride. At the moment, though, you’re a bit torn between doing what’s right and letting your more impulsive side hold the reins.

Singles Lovescope

These current dramatic energies are bringing some pretty significant (and welcome) life changes in their wake. Get your emotional ducks in a row before the shakedown begins and you’ll be sitting pretty.

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There are multiple sides to every situation, and the one you’re dealing with today is no exception. Take time to hear out your partner. You could be more in sync with their reasoning than you think.


You’ve learned a lot over the course of the last year, but you can’t say you’ve enjoyed any of it. Once the wounds aren’t quite so fresh, you’ll actually be able to put some of it to good use. For now, just continue thanking your lucky stars for all you have in life — including money.


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