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A caustic remark that you recently overheard wasn’t actually about you like you thought it was, so don’t worry about your reputation! It’s still as stellar as it deserves to be, especially to those who matter most. Plus, you can’t be friends with everyone, so why even care if you happen to hear some negative feedback? What’s important is that you’re friends with the people who deserve your time. The fact is some people in your life don’t deserve to be there.

Singles Lovescope

Do something special for yourself now. Go out for a great dinner, and leave room for dessert. You could also visit a spa for a full-body massage

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Your joint budget could be causing major stress. Let go of the worry and enjoy each other. The problems could just magically disappear.


It would take a really big ego or a serious blind spot for you to even consider asking for a raise. The timing is not only off, but downright absurd. Continue being patient.


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