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Everyone in the entire world feels like taking every emotion right to the very edge today, but you? You’ve got a crazier case of extravagance than anyone. The main reason for that is because you were born with it, to start with. So when an astrological array like this one comes along, it just turns up the volume on your heaven-sent ability to push the envelope. Of course, you won’t hear any complaints from the person who happens to be on the receiving end. Giggles, maybe, but no complaints.

Singles Lovescope

The power of your words creates more of an impact than you realize. Pay attention to the tone and context of your messages around certain people. Don’t get too heavy around a love interest right now. Keep it light.

Couple Lovescope

You are more sure of your feelings than ever before, and it’s a great time to tell your partner. They should respond well, though they may not share your faith to exactly the same degree.


You should understand your own limits by now, or those of your credit cards. You’re finally not even tempted by putting yourself first. Now look for further ways to redefine your values.


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