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Though you’ve lightened up your life quite a bit, you’re still not really feeling like telling tall tales. When someone at work or in the neighborhood starts feeding you all kinds of ridiculous stories, you aren’t patient with them. If they start to deflect attention from themselves by asking pointed questions about you, it’s almost laughable. You perfected that technique ages ago!

Singles Lovescope

Capitalize on this instinct you’re experiencing. It’s a great time to get into the head of someone intriguing. Use your wit and wisdom, but don’t manipulate. This person is a lot more perceptive than you realize.

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You’re full of good ideas right now, and your partner should be on board with at least some of them. You’re feeling too elated to worry much about the rest, so have fun with the day!


It’s time to fake it ’til you make it. Others look to you for confidence, and you have the acting ability, if not the financial know-how, to pull it off. Your good ideas finally gain a bit of momentum.


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