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The advice you give to friends today might not be warmly received, but it will sink in nevertheless. Don’t think that just because they don’t thank you for what you said that they didn’t listen to it. Passing on what you have learned from past mistakes is something undeniably valuable, and they know that. They’re glad you care enough to open up about what you know but not necessarily eager to do as you say. They have their own lives to lead and their own mistakes to learn from.

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The calm before the storm is evident today. While there’s no need to panic yet, be ready for the possibilities of chaos to strike at any moment. Keep friends nearby for moral support and stand firm.

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Treat yourself to something wonderful and decadent today. It would be a fabulous way to spend the evening, especially if you share it with your loved one. You’ll both be relaxed and ready for tomorrow.


Values are being redefined all around you. Making your own lunch isn’t even a conservative approach to spending anymore. Try to bleed that attitude into your future.


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