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Just because you take the advice of friends and associates and follow it to the letter doesn’t mean that you aren’t responsible for the outcome. You made the final call, and you have to accept the consequences. Maybe things didn’t work out exactly the way you were promised they would, but that’s no reason to blame others. The sooner you accept what fate has given you, the sooner you can get to work pushing things back in the direction they need to go.

Singles Lovescope

Mind your own love business. You’ve got a definite opinion, but that doesn’t mean that sharing it will be fruitful, at least not right now. Downplay the issue and shush.

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Sometimes you know right away when a situation won’t work out. Tell your partner that the two of you should abandon this project and move on. Go with your gut and end things neatly.


You have enough energy for two today. Unfortunately, it’s not all good. You might make an important person mad today, but all is not lost. If you handle it well, you can salvage a good business relationship.


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