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In a troubled relationship, your smallest efforts can help you both overcome whatever obstacles are standing in your way. It all starts with honesty. Say what you really feel and don’t be afraid to get vulnerable with this person. Whether you’re confessing something to a co-worker, baring your heart to a partner, or confiding a deep, dark secret to a sibling, you can’t hold anything back. If you are going to trust them, you have to trust them all the way.

Singles Lovescope

You may not know your own strength today, so what seems to you like a lighthearted gesture might come across as a bit heavy-handed. Less is definitely more when it comes to romance at the moment.

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You need to open up and be as clear as possible with your partner. It’s a good time to ask for a little extra something, so don’t be shy about expressing your real needs.


Your bottom line is less than attractive, but it could get downright ugly if you don’t start taking some steps. Be methodical about it and pull yourself from the pink, before you wind up in the red.


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