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Your ardent curiosity does more than just satisfy your mind. It often inspires others too. Share your passion for a certain band, movie, fashion designer, food, website, or novel with someone else today, preferably someone you’d like to show an intimidate side of yourself to. Give them this glimpse into what fires your imagination, and you’ll give them a good idea of the kind of intellectual heat you offer. In all probability, they’ll offer to share something with you.

Singles Lovescope

Your mind’s sharp, and it’s a good thing, considering everything that’s swirling around you. Keep your romantic dealings to a minimum until the scene is a little clearer.

Couple Lovescope

Go deeper and you’ll understand how you truly feel about your partner, not just how you think you feel. You have the clarity to understand deep emotions now. This will enrich your relationship.


If puttering around the house in slippers brings you comfort, then do it. If reading the paper from cover to cover is the only way to start the day, then do that. Sticking to your regular routine is your best defense against money worries today.



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