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It’s time to walk on eggshells. Someone you know and love may be feeling especially sensitive today, and you’ll probably hurt their feelings without meaning to. While this sounds like an impossible situation, it’s really not in the grand scheme of things. This person is insecure in so many aspects of their life, and to them, you seem to have it all together — you’re even a bit intimidating. Give them time, space and support. Be patient with them.

Singles Lovescope

Romance can show up in the strangest places. You might even meet someone new at the dumpster behind your building. It could happen that your new neighbor takes out their trash when you do. Make yourself presentable.

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It’s a great night for a quiet night with your partner. Make dinner for the two of you. The rest is up to your imagination. You’ll have more fun than either of you expect.


You can save money in big ways, or you can penny-pinch your way through life. Penny pinching is actually a lot more painful. You might as well face the facts and the music instead.



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